Mission Statement

Federal Tires’ passion for motorsports is seen through its involvement in racing, rallying, and many other motorsports events. Utilizing such expertise, Federal develops high-quality competition tires featuring specialized race compounds, sidewall construction, and high durability aimed to deliver the best ride in every condition. Federal Motorsports (FMS) team consists of highly professional personnel from R&D, marketing, and sales. Our goal is to deliver best suited racing tires and vehicle set up information to win races in various conditions.

Federal's Milestones

2017 *
Federal opens next-gen manufacturing facility, establishing the foundation for future growth.
The 595 RS-RR nabs the prestigious 2017 Red Dot Award and 2018 German Design Award.
2016 * 595RS-RR has achieved recognition of “2016 Taiwan Excellence Award” presented by The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
* Federal Tire North America LLC is established.
* 595RS-RR wins 2016 Chicago Good Design Awards.
2015 * Official tyre of Princess Catherham O.T.G.P-Taiwan.
2014 * Federal Corporation 60th anniversary.
* Federal Tyres breaks ground for new plant in Taiwan.
* Federal Tyres laurelled by the National Brand Yushan Award for 3 awards.
* Shu Jam Ma named as the Chairman of Federal Corporation.
2012 * Two latest models of Federal’s Couragia F/X asymmetrical sport tire and FZ-201 semi-slick competition tire have been highly recognized to receive the honorable “2012 Taiwan Excellence Award” by The Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.
2010 * Proudly launches Federal’s motorsports product line including Federally, FZ-101, FZ-201, FZ-202.
* 〈FZ-201〉 Official tyre of Malaysia Sepang 1000Km
* 〈FZ-201〉 Official tyre of MSS (Malaysian Super Series)
* 〈FZ-201〉 Champion of Option Cup (Federal TSD- Stanley Liu)-Taiwan.
* 〈FZ-201〉Champion of Rally Tasmania(Steve Glenney & Alan Stean)-Australia.
* 〈FZ-201/595RS-R〉 Official tyre of Nippon ChallengeEurope.
2007 * 595RS-R new semi-slick tire is launched and appointed as the official tire for “X Challenge Australia”, powered by Lotus.
2006 * Federal becomes the number one foreign brand in Japan’s racing tire market.
2005 * Federal is proudly to be the first Taiwan tire company to fully design, engineer, and manufacture a slick tire - FZ101.
1981 * Technical cooperation established with Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. (a.k.a. Dunlop Tire Japan).
1978 * Production of Passenger radial tire (PCR) commenced.
1965 * Initial tire exports commenced.
* U.S.DOT (UX) trademark approved.
1963 * Taiwan R.O.C. CNS trademark approved.
1960 * Technical cooperation established with Bridgestone Tire Co.,Ltd.
1954 * Company founded by Mr. Ma Chi San in Chungli City, Taiwan R.O.C.